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Whether your operation is a traditional brick-and-mortar store with four walls or a concept on four wheels, Lenovo Retail Solutions can help you harness the power of digital technology.

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This flexible Clienteling solution offers the ultimate in security. The compact design results in a small footprint and a clean look. The tablet mount features tilt and swivel functions for improved ergonomics and customer interaction. And the wired payment device ensures secure transactions.

Lenovo Android or Windows tablet

Windows 10 operating system available for full PC functionality

Expanded line of InVue stands and mounts

Tablet case with Verifone or Ingenico payment device

IR key for locking and unlocking


Today’s payment solutions enable retailers to provide full-featured payment options to customers just about anywhere. Tablet-based kiosks like the InVue CT200 offer a greater level of customer service, thereby enhancing the retail experience. When combined with a card reader, kiosks allow retailers to supplement Fixed-Station registers, enabling transaction processing to scale during peak shopping times.

Options for 10" and 12" tablets

Tilt option available for all stands

Scale transaction processing during peak shopping periods

Wide range of Windows or Android tablet options

Fixed, swivel, and freestanding options

Modular solutions

While many retailers are adopting tablet-based point-of-sale systems, a tablet-based solution isn’t always right. In these instances, a Modular Register can be a good solution, especially if a retailer isn’t ready to convert to mobile or needs more processing power than a tablet-based solution can provide. Whatever the reason, Lenovo has a wide range of Workstations and small form factor PCs, like the Tiny, that can be deployed as part of a Modular Register solution.

Wide range of options from full-size workstations to small form factor PCs

Ideal for multiple Fixed-Station registers that demand more processing power

Ability to upgrade pieces instead of replacing entire solution